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About Us

Our Mission is to Protect America's Religious Heritage.

America has always been special country.  Founded by people of faith, the United States has always been one nation under  God.  Ours is a unique land where the American people are united by a shared belief that their rights to life, liberty, property and happiness are granted by a Creator and can never be usurped by government.

Today, however, the bonds that have unified our nation are under attack by a small but vocal, organized and well-funded group of anti-religious activists.  These militants assert that America is a deeply flawed nation and that a belief in God is outdated and even immoral.  Their goal is to revise our nation's history, belittle our religious traditions and drive faith out of public life for good.  In their "new" America, government, and not God, will reign supreme.

In God We Trust was founded to push back against these anti-religious activists through grass-roots activism in local communities, in state legislators and in Washington, D.C.