Cup of Wrath

Cup of Wrath: The Bordentown, New Jersey School District

The Bordentown, New Jersey Regional School Dis­trict is this month’s recipient of the Cup of Wrath after administrators decided to ban religious Christmas mu­sic during concert performances at elementary schools. The school system’s superintendent Constance Bauer actually declared that “religious music should not be part of the elementary program[s]” in gross violation of the U.S. Constitution.

State and Federal courts have repeatedly ruled that religious music or Christmas carols are perfectly ac­ceptable in public schools. However, the anti-first amendment zealots in Bordentown evidently don’t care.

For this disrespectful and reprehensible act, the Bordentown Regional School District deserve a full draught from the Cup of Wrath.


Songs tossed out of the Winter Concert for being too religious...

“Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella”

“The Kings From The East”


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