Cup of Wrath

Cup of Wrath Presented to Texas Bureaucrat

This month’s Cup of Wrath recipient is Kevin Weldon, the superintendent of the Kountze Independent School District in Texas. Weldon caved in to radical atheist demands and banned signs proclaiming faith in God from all school activities. The ban was put into place after cheerleaders at Kountze High School held up a banner featuring Bible verses.

The ban means any student participating in an official school activity cannot hold or create any sign, poster or banner that includes a religious message. “I called our legal counsel and they recommended to me that we instruct all administrators in the district that religious signs or messages would no longer be permitted at school district events and that student groups and their sponsors were to be notified of the prohibition effective immediately,” Weldon told Fox News.

For refusing to defend his students’ right of free speech, Kevin Weldon deserves a full draught from the Cup of Wrath.



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