Cup of Wrath

MSNBC "Reporter" David Shuster Awarded Cup of Wrath

David ShusterJanuary’s recipient of In God We Trust’s “Cup of Wrath” is MSNBC “reporter” David Shuster for attacking Fox News commentator Britt Hume for talking about his Christian Faith.

Shuster went on an on-air tirade against comments Hume made suggesting that golfer Tiger Woods would benefit from converting to Christianity.   Shuster mocked Hume’s

When confronted by commentator Pat Buchanan, a guest on Shuster’s show, Mr. Shuster reiterated his belief that discussions of religion or faith should be banned from political talk shows.  Shuster declared, “I do think it diminishes the discussion of Christianity....This wasn’t the ‘700 Club,’ this wasn’t ‘Theocracy Today.’”

 For wishing to ban even the discussion of Christianity from political commentary and for making a fool of himself, David Shuster has earned himself a full draught from the Cup of Wrath.

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