Cup of Wrath

University of Texas at San Antonio President Awarded Cup of Wrath

Ricardo RomoUniversity of Texas at San Antonio President Ricardo Romo is this month’s recipient of "The Cup of Wrath" for permitting an atheist student group to hold a "Bibles for Pornography" week at his university.

A small group of atheists sought permission and received the blessings of the University to advertise an campus-wide effort to convince students to turn in their Bible or other religious texts in return for pornographic

A spokesman for the Atheists Agenda group declared that the "disgusting and depraved" words contained in the Bible "far outnumber any siingle faults (sic) of any pornographic image."

In response to the public outrcry and student protests against the atheists’ campaign Romo dispatched his press spokesman to hapilly declared that university was a "marketplace of fee ideas" and that the administration supported the "rights" of the athests to describe the Holy Bible as worse than child pornography and to distribute pornographic magazines to the student body.

For allowing a tiny minority of students to malign the religious views of a vast majority of his students, for supporting the outrageous claim that the contents of the Bible are worse than kiddie-porn and for undermining the credibility of the educational institution that he was hired to lead, University of Texas at El Paso President Ricard Romo deserves a full draught from the Cup of Wrath.

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