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National Religious Freedom Organization Joins U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett in Support of Public Prayer Act

In God We Trust National Chairman the Rt. Reverend Council Nedd, II delivered over 4,000 petitions to U.S. Representative J. Gresham Barrett (R-SC), as part on an ongoing campaign to support the congressman's proposed Public Prayer Protection Act.

"These petitions represent the growing national consensus in America that our religious freedoms are being undermined by activist judges and lawyers," said Nedd upon presenting the petitions to the Congressman at his Washington, DC office on June 4, 2008.        "Congressman Barrett's Public Prayer Act is an excellent example of a member of Congress confronting a national issue head-on and defending the rights of Americans to exercise their rights to worship as they chose, free from interference from judges, lawyers and interest groups that are pursing a radical anti-religious agenda."

As proposed the Public Prayer Protection Act (H.B. 2104) reaffirms that the U.S. Government is prohibited from establishing an official national religion and that public or elected government officials are allowed to express their faith in public through prayer. It also limits the power of the courts to regulate the free expression of religion by public and elected officials.

"The courts are becoming more and more activist in trying to regulate religious speech, especially the rights of public officials to express their faith," explains Nedd. "Congressman Barrett's legislation will protect the rights of every public servant to pray and celebrate their faith freely."

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Bishop Nedd