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Obama Refuses to Condemn Atheist Sign at Site of Democrat Convention

Bishop Council Nedd, the chairman of the national advocacy group In God We Trust, today condemned presidential candidate Barack Obama’s apathy towards religious intolerance, To date, Obama continues to ignore a billboard in Denver, Colorado that demands Americans renounce religion.  The sign is posted near the site of the Democratic National Convention to be held in August.

“Senator Obama’s refusal to stand with the vast majority of Americans who believe in God by refusing to renounce the ‘Imagine No Religion’ sign posted by the Freedom from Religion Foundation casts doubts on the candidate’s commitment to religious expression.  It now appears that an Obama presidency will not defend the rights of America’s religious majority and instead will pander shamelessly to the most militant anti-religious members of his political base,” says Nedd.

In God We Trust recently sent a letter to officials in the Obama campaign asking the Senator to repudiate the message of the atheist organization.  The Bishop’s message was sent on behalf of the  more than 70,000 members of In God We Trust.  The Obama campaign has thus far ignored this call for religious tolerance.

“Senator Obama is trying to appease religious voters by occasionally discussing his faith.  However, a significant chunk of his volunteers and contributors are individuals and organizations that support driving any expression of faith out of the public square,” says Nedd.

“Obama’s recent announcement that he supported most aspects of President Bush’s Faith Based Initiative greatly angered Obama’s base of ‘secular’ supporters.  So, the senator is now tracking back hard to the left and siding with one of the most militant anti-religion organizations in the nation and its campaign of intolerance,” Nedd ads.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, the sponsor of the “Imagine No Religion Campaign” is on record as stating that religious belief is the root cause of most evil in the world and that a “paradise on earth” could be established if humanity would simply renounce a belief in God.

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