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Atheists Back Down and Replace Offensive Sign

The nation’s largest atheist organization, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, has backed down in the face of public outrage and replaced a sign posted at the site of the Democratic National Convention that demanded Americans “Imagine No Religion.”

In its place the foundation has erected a billboard that meekly says, “Keep Religion Out of Politics.”

“The Freedom from Religion Foundation stirred up a hornet’s nest of public opposition when it brought its outrageous anti-religion ad campaign to downtown Denver, site of the Democratic National Convention,” says Bishop Council Nedd, the chairman of the national advocacy group In God We Trust, which was the first organization in the nation to protest the advertising campaign.   “The outcry and public scorn over their intolerant message has forced the FfRF to take down its ‘Imagine No Religion’ sign and to reverse course on its full-throated attack on Americans of faith.”

In June, when the original “Imagine No Religion” sign was posted, FfRF spokesman and Denver attorney Robert R. Tiernan declared,  "We want the public to reflect on the billboard's message and imagine a world without the rancor and divisiveness of 2,000 different religions."

However, after being subjected to weeks of scorn and ridicule for launching their protest at the site of the Democratic convention, Tiernan has reversed course stating in a press release that,  "We ask the delegates and the candidates of both the Democratic and Republican parties to keep this overriding principle [the so-called separation of church and state]  in mind and to focus, not on religion, but on the many serious issues facing this great country."

“Mr. Tiernan and his fellow atheists originally had no problem focusing on religion and demanding that American would be better off without Catholics, Jews, Buddhists or any other person of faith,” explains Nedd.  “However, after the national media became interested in the story, and In God We Trust sent a letter to Barack Obama demanding he renounce this blatant attack on the Americans who believe in God, Mr. Tiernan no longer wants to ‘focus’ on religion.”

“Americans are sick and tired of being attacked by self-important elitists who spend their lives harassing and mocking religious people.  America is finally pushing back against the anti-religious zealots,” Nedd says.

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