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Bishop Council Nedd's Statement Regarding the Continuing "Imagine No Religion" Advertising Campaign

Bishop Council Nedd today released the following statement on the continued placement of "Imagine No Religion" billboards around the country:

The efforts of the nation's largest atheist organization, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, to denigrate and attack all Americans of faith with its "Imagine No Religion" billboards continues despite the obvious pubic outrage over these antics.

Since In God We Trust last winter first opposed this vile message demanding Americans to abandon faith, we have recruited tens of thousands more supporters and contributors from all walks of life be they religious or not. Every single time another one of these offensive billboards is erected, more volunteers sign up at our website, more contributions come into our offices and more and more Americans rally to the cause of protecting our religious liberty and opposing the zealots who believe they can establish a "paradise on earth" by undermining faith and the freedom to worship.

Thanks to these overzealous and mean spirited attacks, In God We Trust is in a stronger position to defend America's proud religious heritage from attacks by the anti-religious left. I have spent a great deal of time over the last few months on Capitol Hill where I have been greeted very warmly by members of Congress who realize that Americans are fed up with attacks on faith and our nation's heritage. In Washington, DC we will continue to oppose efforts to ban religious references from the new Capitol Visitors Center and we will continue to stand up for the rights of Americans and their elected leaders to practice their faith in public.

A world without religion would be a dark, lonely and violent place. For a tiny minority in this nation to insist that a world without heroes like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi would be preferable to what we have now is terrifying. Fortunately, Americans are sick and tired of being bullied and insulted by left-wing atheists. Even the democratic nominee fro President is making a serious effort to return faith to his political party.

This year, for the first time, the Democratic National Convention opened with and inter-faith service and public outrage forced the Freedom from Religion Foundation to take down its "Imagine No Religion" sign at the convention.

In short, despite the continued efforts of the most radical members of the American atheist movement, we are winning, America is winning and God is winning.

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Bishop Nedd