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Public School Co-opts Christian Childrens’ Hymn for Student Program Praising Obama

The national advocacy group In God We Trust today blasted the B. Bernice Youngs Elementary School in New Jersey for forcing children to sing a rap version of the  hymn “Jesus Loves the Little Children” in which references to Jesus were replaced with name of President Obama.

The video of the schoolchildren singing the song was recently posted on the Internet.  School officials released a letter stating the activity was officially sanctioned.

“What this school did with these children is deplorable,” says Bishop Council Nedd, Chairman of In God We Trust.  “It is bad enough that children are being forced to sing the praises of a politician, but to also take lyrics from a Christian hymn and replace Jesus with “Obama” makes this even worse.  In New Jersey kids can no longer pray to God but they are required to praise the President.  The principal of this school and every official associated with this nightmare should be dismissed.”

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Bishop Nedd