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UN Affiliated Atheist Group Launches Ad Campaign Targeting God and Christmas

The national advocacy group In God We Trust today blasted the atheist American Humanist Association for its ad campaign mocking the Christmas holiday and American's who believe in God. The ad campaign asks, "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness sake," and will be targeted at New York and Washington commuters.

"These ads are a deliberate attack on American traditions, beliefs and customs by a United Nation's affiliated group that espouses a radical anti-American agenda and is funded by an zealot who believes that the U.S. is a backwards nation full of imbeciles," says In God We Trust Chairman Council Nedd.

The American Humanist Association brags on its website that it is an official U.N. Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and works with the U.N.'s Department of Public Information. According to the AHA, its mission is to "Support and promote the work of the United Nations, actively engage in lobbying for the UN and our own organization's objectives with our national governments . . ."

The AHA recently received a $1 million gift from Louis Appignani, an atheist who routinely rails against America and religion. The AHA's U.N. office is named the Appignani Bioethics Center.

According to Appignani, "An argument can therefore be made that the United States represents a backward intellectual culture," and "The United Nations should displace individual nations as the focal point of human political activity," and "Religious institutions should be viewed as historical and ceremonial artifacts." Source: [Roadmap to 2050 and a Humanist World, August/September 2005 issue of Free Inquiry ]

"This ad campaign is yet another attempt by America-hating snobs to mock and attack our nation's traditions and culture" says Nedd. "The AHA is not some harmless little atheist group. These people hate America and they are working with our nation's enemies to attack our heritage."

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