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In God We Trust Launches State Issues Project

State_Issues_LogoThe national advocacy group In God We Trust today announced the formation of its State Issues Project.  The organization says it intends to become even more involved in fighting for religious freedom and protecting America's religious heritage at the state and local government levels.

"We have not hesitated in the past to take a stand on state issues before, however In God We Trust is expanding our focus and will be more aggressive than ever defending faith and calling out politicians who do not stand up for freedom of religion or America's traditional values ," says Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust's Chairman.

In God We Trust played a key role in defending the rights of State Troopers in Virginia when then Governor Tim Kaine banned them from using the word "Jesus" in their prayers.  Both Democrat Kaine and Republican Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment were awarded In God We Trust's "Cup of Wrath" for their support of censoring prayers.  Additionally, last year in Connecticut, Bishop Nedd criticized the state ethics office for attempting to persecute the Catholic Church for its opposition to a proposed law regulating church activities.

"We have always been involved in state and local issues, but a large majority of our resources have been designated toward efforts to defend religious freedom at the national level," explains Nedd.  "In God We Trust is growing and so our ability to effect public policy is growing as well.  We will hold any politician at any level of government and from any political party accountable for undermining their constituents' freedom of religion."

In God We Trust's State Issues project will include traditional grassroots activities as well a paid media efforts including internet ads and radio and television spots.


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