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In God We Trust Condemns Destruction of Mojave Cross – Demands It Be Replaced Immediately

mojave_crossThe national advocacy group In God We Trust today called last night’s theft of the famous Mojave Desert World War I memorial a disgusting and cowardly act that was most likely encouraged by increasingly strident rhetoric of anti-religion groups in the United States.

 “While we do not yet know who tore down and stole this war memorial, I think it is obvious that the perpetrators where making a political point,” says Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust’s Chairman.  “This memorial was located in a remote area and the cross had no monetary value.   Left-wing groups and atheist activists have been demanding that this memorial to World War I veterans be torn down.  Now, it appears that someone has taken matters into his own hands and has done what even the Supreme Court has refused to do.  I urge all local, state and national law enforcement officials to use every means at their disposal to find the perpetrators of this terrible crime and for the caretakers of this cross to erect a new one as quickly as possible.”

 Last winter In God We Trust publicized a campaign promoted by the web site that instructed activists on how to cut down and desecrate roadside memorial crosses erected to honor the memories of individuals killed in car crashes.  The web site currently is offline, but a place holder page displays the ominous statement that visitors should check back soon for a “major announcement.”

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Bishop Nedd