The Military and Faith

National Campaign Supports Pro Prayer Bill

In God We Trust is making a religious freedom bill sponsored by Congressman Walter Jones a top priority of its 2009 legislative agenda.

House Resolution 268 will ensure that every military chaplain has the prerogative to close a prayer outside of a religious service according to the dictates of the chaplain’s own conscience.

“This bill is extremely important because freedom of religion in the military is under attack,” say In God We Trust Chairman Bishop Council Nedd.   “Americans need to stand up now and defend the rights of military chaplains.”

In God We Trust has already launched a national petition campaign supporting Representative Jones’ bill.  Additionally, In God We Trust has begun going door to door on Capitol Hill attempting to recruit cosponsors for the legislation.

“We are using every means at our disposal to support this critical bill,” Nedd explains.  “We have a petition online.  Thousands more petitions are coming in through the mail.  Plus, the reception we are getting on Capitol Hill is generally quite positive.”

“Still,” Nedd explains, “getting H.R. 268 passed will be difficult.  I believe a majority of the members of congress would support the bill if it came up for a vote.  However, Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill will be reluctant to allow such a vote.”

In God We Trust’s goal then is to keep building public pressure until Nancy Pelosi has no choice but to let H.R. 268 come to the floor.

“Simply publicizing the desperate need for this legislation and highlighting the war that the radical left is waging against our military alone is a worthy reason why we are pushing so hard for this bill,” Nedd says.

Attacks on the military are becoming more radical and frequent.

For instance, the official lobby group of the atheist movement, the Secular Coalition of America, recently proclaimed that the U.S. military was dominated by a “coercive religious climate.”  Meanwhile, the Freedom from Religion Foundation is demanding that the Defense Department investigate an army chaplain for invoking the name of Jesus at a D-Day commemoration ceremony in France.  That radical group is also urging the Pentagon to ban all efforts to recruit military chaplains from the websites of the various branches of the armed forces.

“Congressman Jones is standing up for our military chaplains and In God We Trust stands by him,” Nedd says.


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