The Military and Faith

In God We Trust Launches National Effort to Defend Faith in the Military

In response to increasing attacks on  religious freedom in the military, In God We Trust just launched a nationwide petition campaign aimed at Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

In recent months, leftist activists have targeted the military demanding that chaplains’ prayers be censored and efforts to minister to wounded warriors be halted.

“The attacks on the freedom of religion of our nation’s defenders is unconscionable,” says In God We Trust Chairman Bishop Council Nedd.   “The very people who hate our military and want to put our service members on trial for war crimes now claim that in the interest of protecting the civil rights of all service members, the government should clamp down and ban soldiers from practicing their faiths.”

The most outrageous demand to date comes from the ultra-leftist Freedom from Religion Foundation.  In a recent letter to Secretary Gates, the Foundation protested a military chaplain leading dignitaries in prayer at a ceremony in France commemorating D-Day.

The Foundation also protested an Army advertising effort aimed at recruiting chaplains.

“It is time to push back.  These lunatics are trying to ban military chaplains completely,” says Nedd.  “George Washington himself founded the chaplains’ corps, yet these fools want Americans to believe that military chaplains are unconstitutional.”

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Bishop Nedd