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In God We Trust Resumes Push for Pray in Jesus’ Name Act


The Pray in Jesus’ name act was originally introduced in the 111thCongress by Congressman Walter Jones, a friend and ally of Bishop Nedd. In God We Trust worked closely with Jones’ office in a push for the bill’s passage.

“We obviously didn’t get it past then and in the last Congress Congressman Jones didn’t see a viable way to get the bill passed,” Nedd says. “However, he believes with In God We Trusts’ help, we can get the job done this year.” In God We Trust’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Sean Ferritor, keeps in contact with Congressman Jones’ office, and during one trip to Capitol Hill was actually called into an impromptu meeting by Jones to discuss the Pray in Jesus’ Name Act.

“The Congressman was very excited to see me,” Ferritor says. “He loves what In God We Trust is doing and wants our help to this bill.”

Bishop Nedd is planning a trip to Capitol Hill to personally meet with Jones and plot strategy with Congressman Jones. “This measure is as important to me and all In God We Trust’s supporters as it is to Walter Jones,” says Nedd. “We are going to map out a long term strategy using In God We Trust’s grassroots resources to pass this bill.”


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