The Military and Faith

In God We Trust Continues To Make Protecting The Rights Of Military Chaplains Its Top Legislative Priority

Our nation’s founding fathers wrote at great length about the importance of ‘freedom of conscience’ as fundamental to all other freedoms” explains Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust’s Executive Director. Today, we have radical atheists and their political puppets in Washington trying to actually censor Christian chaplains and we must stop them.”

Nedd has been lobbying Congress to pass legislation that requires the Department of Defense to permit chaplains to specifically invoke the name of Jesus Christ when conducting religious ceremonies or praying with troops in the field

Currently military chaplains are forbidden from praying in any way they like.

“The goal of the atheist lobby is to make the job of military chaplains so difficult and so controversial that either the military can’t find members of the clergy to serve in the chaplains’ corps or the Department of Defense will simply disband it,” Nedd explains. “That is why passing legislation to protect the rights of these religious leaders is so important. We are defending the very existence of military chaplains.”

In God We Trust has been collecting thousands and thousands of petitions supporting a Military Chaplains’ Freedom bill for several years, and it will remain the organizations top legislative priority in the next Congress as well.

“I’m going to be back up on Capitol Hill pushing for this legislation to be reintroduced in the next Congress and we aren’t going to give up until all military chaplains are permitted to pray in Jesus’ name,” Nedd promises.


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