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Administration Refuses to Respond to Appeal on Behalf of Military Chaplains

Air_Force_ChaplainsThe Obama Admnistration has so far refused to respond to a letter from In God We Trust’s Chairman Bishop Council Nedd supporting the rights of military chaplains to pray in any manner they see fit, the Bishop recently reported to the organization’s Board of Directors.

      “I made a personal appeal to Joshua Dubois, who is a minister and is President Obama’s informal spiritual advisor,” explained Nedd.  “I asked that he personally lobby the President to issue an Executive Order allowing military chaplains to invoke the name of Jesus Christ in their prayers outside of religious services but have received no response at all.”

“I’m not really surprised,” explains Nedd.  “The President is known for trying duck important decisions and to try to appease both his left-wing base as well as appealing to more mainstream Americans who believe faith in God is important.  However, the issue of the freedom to pray for military chaplains is an important one and In God We Trust will continue to fight for their rights.”

In God We Trust has made passage of H.R. 268 which would allow military chaplains the complete freedom to pray as they see fit, a top priority.  At the personal request of U.S. Representative Walter Jones, Nedd is also lobbying the White House to issue a simple executive order allowing military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus.

"To be fair to President Obama, President Bush refused to stand up for the rights of our military chaplains,too,” says Nedd.  “This is not a new issue and President Obama’s refusal to take a stand is not unique.”

In the letter to Mr. DuBois Nedd wrote, “For Christians, praying in the name of Jesus in fundamental to our beliefs.  To be banned from recognizing our Lord and Savior by name during prayers is an affront to our faith and I personally believe this policy is unconstitutional.  This rule was meant to protect our service members’ rights to believe or not believe as each soldier, sailor, airman or marine sees fit. 

 “However, I see no reason why a Christian chaplain invoking the name of Jesus infringes on anyone’s rights to follow their own religious beliefs.   Saying the name of Jesus is no more an attack on freedom of religion than is wearing a cross on a military uniform, displaying a nativity scene in the White House or lauding the birth Jesus Christ as President Obama so eloquently did when he lit the national Christmas tree just recently.”

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