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Saving Religion in America Survey Launched


Supporters of In God We Trust will soon be receiving their 2010 Saving Religion in America survey in their mailbox.

This survey effort is an attempt to gauge American’s opinions of President Barack Obama and his relationship with some of the nation’s most militant anti-religious organizations.

"My goal with this program is to determine how much our supporters trust, or don’t trust the Administration to defend our religious liberties and how concerned they are about the White House meeting with some of the most hate-filled, anti-religion activists in the nation," explains Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust’s chairman.

In God We Trust first exposed meetings between the President’s advisors and the Secular Coalition of America, the official lobbying arm of the atheist movement, last year.

Since then a working relationship between the White House and atheist activists seems to have flourished.

Last winter, dozens of atheist activists from around the nation were invited to the White House to participate in a political strategy session with seniors staffers from the President’s Office of Public Engagement.

The survey program is designed to gauge how much In God We Trust’s supporters understand and care about the coordination going on between the executive branch of government and atheist lobbyists.

"The Secular Coalition of America represents groups that do not mince words about what they want America to become," explains Nedd. "They want to eradicate religion in America. They believe faith is wrong and dangerous and they want the government to use its power to crack down on religious people."

Nedd explains that he’s not sure enough of his supporters understand how "mainstream" these views are becoming within the Democratic Party and the Administration.

"I hope every single supporter who receives our survey fills it out and returns it," Nedd says. "I need your input to plan our next steps."

Once all the survey results are tallied, Nedd says they will be reviewed by In God We Trust’s Board of Directors.

"We will then be able to adjust or even change our grassroots strategies for defending faith in the public square," Nedd says. "This program is very important to what we are trying to do."

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