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Battle Over National Day of Prayer Rages On

The battle between religion-hating atheists and the American public over the National Day of Prayer continues to rage across America.National_Day_of_Prayer

Early last month attorneys for the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation convinced a Wisconsin judge to rule the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. In response, In God We Trust sprung into action and launched a public relations and e-mail blitz aimed at pressuring President Obama to appeal the district judge’s decision. Facing sinking public approval ratings and still stinging from the public criticism for ordering the White House staff to meet with representatives from the Secular Coalition of America (of which the Freedom from Religion Foundation is a member), the President relented and ordered the Justice Department to appeal the controversial ruling.

"The public outrage of this judge’s ruling clearly scared the White House," explains Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust’s Chairman. "The President took a huge hit when his Office of Public Engagement met with these radical atheist. He clearly didn’t have the stomach for another fight with the American public over faith in the public square. The President even made a hasty trip to visit Reverend Billy Graham in order to help distance himself from these God-hating zealots in the minds of the average American voter."

Atheist groups, furious with the President’s decision to bow to public pressure, protested the National Day of Prayer with a rally in Wisconsin and by posting a bizarre four minute video on the internet.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation held a small rally in Madison, Wisconsin, where their organization is based, and which featured anti-religious chanting, signs and a "moment of bedlam" where atheists are typically urged to scream, shout epithets and slogans and recite atheist poetry. According to media reports, fifty atheists attended the rally.

The Secular Coalition of America protested by taping a video of its Executive Director, Sean Faircloth, attacking the Reverend Billy Graham and the Vietnam War and claiming that the National Day of Prayer was somehow inspired by President Lyndon Johnson’s policies towards South East Asia. Faircloth, however, did not, mention President Obama or his trip to see Reverend Graham.

"The atheists last winter strolled into the White House and probably received all types of promises from the Administration about undermining faith in the public square," explains Nedd. "These radicals thought that the end of religion in America was at hand when that misguided judge issued her ruling against the National Day of Prayer. Then our supporters and concerned Americans got involved and forced Barack Obama to turn his back on the God-haters. Instead of the 2010 National Day of Prayer being a great victory for the atheist movement, it will forever be remembered by them as a day of betrayal."

Nedd adds, "Fighting these types of battles is exactly why In God We Trust was formed. My job is to rally the American public to fight back against a tiny, but aggressive minority of left-wing atheists. These atheists got a bloody nose in this latest battle but they will be back. We have to get an appellate court to overturn this ridiculous ruling over the National Day of Prayer and continue to push back and defend our first amendment rights."

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