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Atheist Lobby Group Votes to Fight for Taxation of Churches

Supporters of the Secular Coalition for America recently voted to instruct the atheist lobby group to make the taxation of churches its top public policy initiative.

Twenty-nine percent of the supposedly thousands of online respondents to the poll demanded that "ending religious tax privileges" was their number one issue beating out ending government grants to religious organizations to perform public service work and "science-based" sex education.

"The Secular Coalition of America has received its marching orders from its supporters," explains Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust’s Chairman. "I have no doubt they will follow through and attempt to crush religious institutions by revoking their tax breaks."

Using the government to attack churches financially has long been a goal of the anti-religious left in America. However, Nedd explains, that the atheist movement is more united and confident than ever on this issue.

"Before, these militants wanted to ban prayer in schools, or abolish the Pledge of Allegiance. And they still want to do that. However, now, with Barack Obama in power, they clearly feel they can be even bolder and attack everything from the tax-deductibilty of donations to churches to church exemptions from property taxes," he says. "I am going to fight them every step of the way though."

The atheists’ plan is quite simple. Use the courts and politicians to gradually undermine church finances. "I don’t expect that these moves will prevent individuals from contributing to churches," says Nedd. "However, the government, through the tax code, can drive up the costs of running a church and make it nearly impossible for churches to even survive, much less grow."

"Already atheists have filed at least one lawsuit challenging tax exemptions for members of the clergy as being unconstitutional," Nedd explains. "I would expect that they will also try get legislation or court rulings stating that the government’s certifying churches as a public service charities is also unconstitutional."

Nedd says that In God We Trust will oppose any and all efforts by the government to regulate and tax churches. "This is a very serious threat," Nedd explains. "And I will fight back in every way possible. These extremists are gearing up for a full frontal assault on religion in America. They want to use the government to crush religion in our society. They know God is a threat to their dream of imposing an all-encompassing government run by atheists on the United States of America."

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