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Town Council Member Protests Pledge

Huntsville, Texas town council member Jack Wagamon refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance before Council meetings.  He believes it’s in violation of the Constitution, in regards to separation of church and state. Wagamon does stand during the pledge but protests the tradition by holding his hands behind his back.

Atheists Lose National Motto Battle in Congress – Then Sue

Anti-religion groups are taking their case to court after suffering a stinging defeat when the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to post both the Pledge of Allegiance and the national motto in a prominent location in the new Capitol Visitor Center (CVC).

Only eight House members opposed the resolution despite a massive  last-minute lobbying campaign launched by the Secular Coalition of America.

The U.S. Senate previously passed a similar amendment.

“This is yet another case of the hate-filled anti-religious left being stymied by public opinion and then turning to the courts,” explains In God We Trust Chairman Bishop Council Nedd.

Controversy over the Capitol Visitor Center’s recognitions of America’s religious roots has been swirling around Capitol Hill for some time.

Bishop Nedd first met with Congressional leaders in the summer of 2008, even before the facility was opened to the public.

“In God We Trust and our congressional allies were fighting to have the CVC recognize our nation’s religious heritage long before the atheist lobby even understood what was going on,” Nedd explains.  “This is the kind of battle In God We Trust was created to fight and win.”

The Secular Coalition of America, which has received much attention from the media in recent months and has bragged openly about its political connections and fundraising prowess, didn’t get involved in the battle over the visitors center until a few weeks before the final vote.

“They worked hard but ultimately they were simply overwhelmed,” Nedd says.  “Most Members of Congress were not about to walk the political plank and vote to ban the national motto from Congress’ own museum just because of bunch of atheists were screaming at them.”

The battle over the Capitol Visitor Center now turns to the courts, where the Freedom of Religion Foundation has filed suit to ban the Pledge and the national motto from the CVC.

“In God We Trust” is still inscribed over the Speaker’s chair in the House of Representatives.  There is no word about whether the atheists will sue to have that removed, as well.

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