Our Critics Respond

In the interest of fairness, we have posted some of the comments and criticisms we have received from our critics.  After each comment, In God We Trust's staff responds. We would like to be able to allow live comments on our website.  However, based on the fact that many of the responses from our critics contain threats, scatological comments, racial epithets and curses, we felt that such a forum would not advance anyone’s interests and would violate community standards.

I am a proud American and I take offence when radicals like you think Atheists hate America.  Fear is your main weapon against reason.

       IGWT: Not every atheist hates this country.  We know of quite a few who love America but are ashamed and disgusted by the individuals and groups who claim they represent atheists but who never miss a chance to slander their fellow Americans or blame the United States for all the world’s ills.  Proud Americans, be they believers or atheists, should renounce groups like the New Atheists and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

  Very odd. America is about DIVERSITY. Freedom of religion is a very important part of that. If somebody chooses to be atheist why care? That's their choice, just like it's your choice to be Christian. Don't you want to spread the wealth and let other people of other religions enjoy this freedom? If not, then you're all living in the wrong country I'm afraid.

       IGWT: America is about FREEDOM.  Freedom that comes not from government, but from the Almighty.  In this country everyone has the right to believe what they wish.  In God We Trust was founded to combat a growing movement that is determined to stamp out religion and whitewash our nation’s heritage.

 I love it!  We finally get equal representation with Obama!  I love seeing you guys squirm!  By the way I love America, who are you to say I don't?  That is the filth you and your believers spread as part of your fear propaganda, America has had enough of your ignorance and hatred.  Religion is dying, wake up, open up your mind, and let the sun shine in! 

        IGWT:  Thank you for having the courage to admit that your goal is to wipe out religion in America and that you want the President of the United States to join you in this evil crusade.  Would you be OK with the President meeting with a group like the Aryan Nation, the Ku Klux Klan or the Communist Party?


You are web-footed brachycephalic cretins.  Your patriarchal, misogynist, homophobic, racist, sadistic, genocidal, misanthropic desert God exists only in your own small, small excuse for a "mind".  Your desert "God" was created by bronze-age men who thought the Earth is flat and the sun goes around it -- and they had not even figured out yet that their children were playing with dinosaur pups (you know, like Bambam's Dino?).  I DO NOT TRUST in your despicable "God".  F**k your tooth-fairy "God" and your "In God we trust" psychobabble.  It makes me sick, literally.  What do I value?  I value Locke, Hume, Rousseau, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Kant, Nietzsche, and many others that had brains and used them.  I also respect Jesus of Nazareth, to whom you pay only third-rate ignoramus lip-service.  You should try actually reading the folk-transcriptions of what Jesus is said to have said (you know, the four Gospels?).  You might actually become ... uh ... well ... True Christians?  As you are now, Jesus would be repulsed by you.

             IGWT:  You are a perfect example of atheist tolerance and love for your fellow man. 


 I just want whoever reads this message to know that you worthless, ignorant, selfish, greedy christians don't run this country and never will. You're religion is failing and will be nothing more than a sad memory very soon. You do not deserve to even be in this country for you are too stupid and greedy to call yourself an America. Christianity is only for the most weak, pathetic, and ignorant people on this planet. We are at war with your bulls**t religion and will not stop until it is completely f*****g destroyed.

            IGWT: Your hate-filled rant proves everything we have been saying about the modern atheist movement. 


  Your site is "In God We Trust", but some of your positions sound exclusively "Christian".  Do you recognize that the concept of sectarian religion is material?  Do you appreciate that God, in Whom we trust, is transcendental to sectarian concepts?  Do you agree that He therefore reveals Himself to all true followers without consideration for the sectarian source from which the follower comes? I appreciate your efforts and your web-site.

            IGWT:  In God We Trust is not a “Christian” organization.  Our Chairman is, obviously, Christian.  However our board of directors and leadership is not exclusively Christian.  Christians, unfortunately, are the prime target of our opponents’ attacks.  However, we certainly support and do defend the rights of other religious groups as well.


What I object to is my president meeting with so-called "Christian" hate groups who want to impose their beliefs on everyone else. (P.S. I am not an atheist.)

            IGWT:  Until now we are not aware of any American president ever meeting with the leadership of groups that are determined to drive all religion out of American life or that subscribe to the belief that an overwhelming majority of Americans are mentally ill because they believe in God.  People who do not agree with us have a right to be heard.  However, there are hate groups in this country that do not deserve the respect of the White House. 



            IGWT: We are always amazed that lunatics like you who profess to not believe in God love to refer to Jesus.  And if we are terrorists, what would you like the government to do to us?  Put us on trial for believing in God?


I am not a member of a hate group, unless you include humans who disagree with you. Though if you are interested in hate, here is some: I hate your politics; I hate your idea of community as those who submit; I hate your adherence to bronze age myths; I hate your lack of understanding that we all live in a social democracy. The list goes on, Nedd, but I do not hate you. You are just another human being with really ineffective ideas.  If you could, perchance, grow some humility, you might be able to see that your position as defender of your faith is nothing but grandiosity and vainglory.  Butt out of my mind, please; it is a "no-meddling" zone.

            IGWT:  So, you are not a member of a hate group but you hate everyone in America who believes in God.  You the hate the vibrant and free community that is America.  However, you do not hate any of us personally.  That makes all of us here at In God We Trust feel so much better.  Please get help.


Hi. I'm an atheist. My wife and I raised three ethical, independent children. I pay taxes. I vote. I care. Why did you put out a news release ripping the Obama administration for meeting with 60 atheist groups? Why did you say such nasty things about these groups? What you said isn't true? As a moral person I always try to tell the truth. I would think you would do the same. But you are spreading lies about people like me. You should be honest in your communications. You should not spread lies. Nor should you make false claims about religion in America being threatened. I do not understand why a religious group would systematically deal in falsehoods.  Have a good day. And try to be civilized - because right now, you are not.

             IGWT: The groups that met with President Obama’s assert that religion is a disease and American government should do everything in its power to drive religious people underground.  Those are extreme views.  They do not represent the views of every atheist in America.  If these organizations do not represent you, we wish you would speak up.


Bishop Nedd.   You are correct: Religion is a disease.  Your brain is not working correctl.

             IGWT:  If faith is a disease, are the hundreds of millions of Americans who believe in God mentally ill?  In your mind America must be the most horrible place on earth.


I am an atheist and don’t agree with many of your positions.  However, the a**h*les who met with President Obama do not represent me.  Every American has the right to make up his or her own mind.  I don’t believe believing in god is a disease.  The jerks at the Freedom from Religion Foundation are frauds and don’t represent atheists in America.

           IGWT:  Thank you for your candor and your courage.  One point of clarification, President Obama did not meet with these groups.  He sent an aide instead.  Barack Obama is probably too smart of a politician to risk meeting with these extremists personally.


I was fortunate enough to be able to read your response to the President meeting with people of no religious belief. I have to say that I was quite taken aback and extremely dismayed by your very negative and stereotypical description of non-theists. I'm sure that there are some in these groups that may harbor hate of some kind, but hate also exists in some people who call themselves Christians.  In my personal experience, I have found most people that I have come across that hold no religious belief to generally be kind, reasonable, charitable, trustworthy and productive members of society. And as members of society, they deserve a seat at the table, just as anywone else does. To categorize all non-religous people as hate-filled monsters is frankly, appalling coming from a man who is suppose to love his neighbor.

            IGWT: Thank you for thoughts.  We agree that these groups do not represent all atheists.  However, to the best of our knowledge, not one atheist organization in the nation has come forward to denounce the lunacy being spouted by the Freedom from Religion Foundation or Atheists International.

 I read your article on the highway memorials and visited the site and I just have to assume your article is typical christian hypocrite babble. You would be the first leading the charge to tear down and atheist sign or display, You believe in freedom of religious speech and not just plain freedom of speech.

             IGWT:  No, In God We Trust NEVER has advocated the destruction of atheist advertising campaigns -- even ones that were terribly offensive to millions of Americans.  In this country, even intolerant, hateful and ignorant speech is still protected by our Constitution.  It is people of your ilk who relish the opportunity to take a power saw to a cross commemorating someone’s loved one. 


Keep your faith/superstitions/agendas in your homes and tax exempt places of worship...where they belong. Hopefully, one day humanity will be able to look back at this time and laugh at the stupidity of the people that "used to practice religion".

             IGWT:  Are we to believe that in your perfect world all people of faith would be confined to religious ghettos?


WAY before i was athiest i hated america.  why?....because,the government  ITS ALL CHRISTIAN.  no pagan. no budda. no athiest. no other religions.  thats why.  the goverment needs to have all different religions in them so they can understand other religions of america.

            IGWT:  Your ignorance of America, our elected representatives and basic grammar and spelling astound us.  Americans of many different faiths -- even atheists -- have and will continue to be elected to office in the United States.  The only assertion you make that is even remotely true is that YOU, an ATHEIST, HATE AMERICA.  Thank you for proving our point about how ignorant, America-hating extremists now populate the atheist movement.


Do you have any idea what you do to people that listen to you? They come to me, and I DEMOLISH them in a debate, because they are stupid, since you feed them b******t information.  They look at me, and they look stupid, because they had no idea they've been LIED to by groups like YOURS. So when it comes time for TEST TIME, they fail horribly.  I guess I should thank you for making people like me look better in that regard, if I can thank you at all.

             IGWT:  We take it you are a teacher of religion, social studies or philosophy, and not a very tolerant or competent one at that.  If you went into teaching in order to feel superior to your students, you need medical help.  If you deliberately fail students because they believe in God, then you should be fired.


 A world without religion would be MUCH, much more peaceful and loving, let me tell you.

            IGWT:  So America, where a vast majority of citizens believe in God, must be an awful violent and hate-filled place.  Well then, you are in luck.  In this place called Communist China they are attempting to build a utopian society to you liking.  There, religion is illegal.  You won’t have to be bothered by the offensive site of a church steeple.  And if some unenlightened soul dares to “disturb the peace” by praying, the very efficient Chinese police will gladly drag him off to prison, or, better yet, simply put a bullet through his head.   To move to this wonderful, peaceful and loving atheist society, please feel free to visit this website. (


 "'Imagine No Martin Luther King, Jr.?'"Eh, he was negative towards atheists anyhow. F**k him.

            IGWT:  How free-thinking of you.  So, segregated schools and lynchings are fine by you.  But the courageous black minister who preached nonviolence in order to secure the blessings of liberty for all Americans, well, he was evil because he believed in God Almighty.  Seeing news footage of an African American church being burned to the ground must warm your heart.


Mother Theresa was a horrible person that thrived in watching people suffer.She felt it made her "closer to god".  She rarely actually helped the people.  It was really lame, and she was a disgrace.

             IGWT:  We really don’t understand why the militant atheist movement hates Mother Theresa so much.  Is it because she dedicated her life to the poor and built her Missionaries of Charity into an internationally renowned organization that is improving the lives of countless souls of varying faiths?  Is it because she personally ministered to and cared for people suffering and dying from hideous diseases like leprosy and AIDS?  We shudder to think about how horrible life would be if you had your way and there were no Mother Theresa’s out there providing hope and solace to those who are suffering.


I'm sure the Columbus Day issue is a sensitive one with Mr. Barker, since he is largely Native American and Columbus was clearly a horrendously unethical, avaricious, genocidal, evil creep- despite his ambitious accomplishments.  As for his mocking those with "proud to be American" buttons, I would guess that you would choose to ignore this simple fact (that millions of people acknowledge) that people often appropriate nationalistic slogans to further their personal agendas.

            IGWT:  According to you, and apparently the nation’s largest atheist group, America was discovered by a genocidal maniac while a guy who wears a “Proud to Be American” pin on Veterans Day is appropriating a “nationalistic slogan” to further some nefarious political agenda.  Is there any patriotic American tradition that you folks don’t despise? 


 I do agree with one thing on your site.  We need to stop the hate.  Hate will eat you up from the inside and destroy your very being.  Both sides should stop it while we still can.  We are all human.  We are all in this together.  Let us all learn to get along.

             IGWT:  We couldn’t agree more.  America is the greatest nation on earth because its citizens are free to believe what they want.  Unfortunately, as the comments on this page demonstrate, the modern day atheist movement has been hijacked by radicals who hate this country and who do despise people of faith. 


Dear In God We Trust USA .OrgThank you for your list of quotes by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I agree with every one of them. I love America, and I'm proud to be atheist and a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

             IGWT:  We have to at least give you credit for being brave enough to defend the crazed positions of the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  We’re not sure how you can agree with the FFrF leadership’s statements on patriotism, so-called American colonialism and the like and still say you love this country.  However we’re sure you’ll find a way to “rationalize” it.


 You people need to study history and the constitution and then come to the realization that there is to be NO state religion. What all you wacko right wing religionists are  going to do is turn everyone OFF. Your (sic) losing your power. No more BUSH!!!!! A democrat will win in in '09. Your faith based govt. is OVER..

      IGWT:  We have never, and will never advocate the establishment of a state religion.  The founders of this nation specifically wanted America to be free of the problems of state religions and the ludicrous notion of the “divine right of kings.”  Instead they desired to establish a nation “under God” in which the rights of man were understood to come from divine inspiration instead of an all powerful and intrusive government that could revoke those rights at any time it wished.


 We now know that Mother Theresa didn't believe (that would make her an atheist), so I don't know exactly what you're trying to prove with that statement, and the FFRF has never said that religious people can't do good anyway.

       IGWT:  Mother Theresa was an atheist?  So much for rational thought, logic or even reality.  And the nation’s largest atheist organization has derided the benefits of faith or the contributions of religious people.  Perhaps you should read some of the FfRF leaders’ comments about belief in God being a mental disease or how they believe faith has caused all the evil in the world.


 "Lord Jesus, please kill everybody at Amen."

            IGWT:   And some people still claim that all atheists are friendly, respectful, open minded and non-violent. 


Maybe you should realize that most of today's major troubles centre around religion, 9/11 was certainly caused by religion and of course the ongoing problems in the middle east.

       IGWT:  The murder of 3,000 innocent people was perpetuated by a barbarous band of terrorists bent on destroying our nation and way of life.  And to say poverty in Africa, the enslavement of a billion people by the atheist government in China and every other problem humanity has ever encountered is the result of religion is just plain ignorant.


There is no god.Aren't you too old to have imaginary friends?You idiots

             IGWT:  And another sensitive, tolerant and rational atheist is heard from.


We atheists and you Christians, and all religious people have something very important in common that we could find a common cause for. We both benefit from the separation of Church and State because it gives you the freedom to believe and practice your religion, and us the freedom not to. There are intolerant hateful atheists out there, just as there are intolerant hateful Christians…

             IGWT:  We agree, although our understanding of the Establishment Clause probably differs somewhat from yours.  The U.S. Government must never be allowed to establish a state religion.  However, we see no establishment of religion in allowing a public official to pray before a meeting.  Additionally, In God We Trust is not a Christian organization.  Our supporters represent many different beliefs, be they spiritual or not.  Our mission is simply to preserve our nation’s religious heritage and it is not to impose any one religion on anyone else.


It is a clear violation of Constitutional Law for this Government to acknowledge ANY religion. This country, no matter how you spin it, was NOT and is NOT a Christian nation, this is not Saudi Arabia or Iran. If you can find 'god' mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, the LAW of the land, I will concede to you. The Constitution is a SECULAR document and not a christian or religious one. America does not run on biblical law and was not formed from any bible. You pathetic group of third rate Episcopalians should get a job and be taxed.  What we need in this country is the cross shoved up George Bush's a******.

             IGWT:  Exactly which part of the Constitution of the United States prohibits the acknowledgement of religion?  The government acknowledges the existence of various religions every day.  You may not like it, but it is perfectly legal to accept that Catholics, Buddhists and Jews exist.  And although the word “God” is not used in the Constitution, our Creator certainly is prominent in the Declaration of Independence which formally established our great nation.   Additionally, where do those “blessings” of liberty come from that are so poignantly referred to in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution?


I would just like to register my sadness and dismay at your decision to post a billboard with the words “Why do Atheist’s Hate America” in public view.  Some Atheists probably do hate America,  I’m sure some Christians do too. I certainly know a lot of Muslims do.  It is not something that needs to be glorified.  Your response to the FFRF’s billboard is childish, un-Christian, and meets the definition of hate-speech in my opinion. It makes you no better than the FFRA, who’s billboard I opposed as well.

             IGWT:  We obviously disagree with your moral equivalency argument.  However, we do appreciate you acknowledging our point about atheists hating America.  Not every single atheist hates this country, but the organization that claims to represent them sure does. 


Religion whatever kind has caused has cause death and war throughout the world.  Imagine no religion to help fuel the fame (sic) of hatred.

           IGWT:  Imagine no religion to help fuel to flame of hatred?  Thank you for confirming our worst fears about this hideous slogan.


If you still trust in a mythical Christian god you can't be very smart and must not be living in the modern world!

              IGWT:  This seems to be a common belief for the more radical atheists out there.  People of faith are stupid and the world would be better off if it was ruled by the enlightened and eminently brilliant atheists.


"Imagine No Religion" simply invites you to imagine something. Nobody is forcing anyone. Nobody's freedom is threatened. On the other hand, "Imagine No Christians/Jews" does threaten someones (sic)  freedom if not their very existence. See the difference?

             IGWT:  No, we do not see the difference.  And based on the response to our efforts, very few people out there do.  After all, it was the largest atheist organization in the country that proclaimed that a “paradise” awaits America if atheists could just figure out how to rid our nation of faith. 


By the way, see if you can find out how much money Mother Theresa was sent and where it went. Can you find hospitals? Clinics? Can you find Mother Theresa's legacy? Look for yourself.

             IGWT:  So now Mother Theresa was an embezzler?  Obviously you despise the fact that people of faith have throughout history sacrificed themselves for the betterment of society and for the welfare of their fellow citizens so much so that you concocted a bizarre story about a humble nun who dedicated her life to the poor.


Sir, if you’d take a moment to actually read the FFRF website, you’d see the obvious inaccuracy of your statement.  FFRF’s purposes, which, as stated in its bylaws, are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism. 

             IGWT:  We have read the FFrF website and were sickened by the views of its leadership. We don’t claim to be experts on the bylaws of that organization, but if attacking Columbus Day and people who wear “Proud to Be American” buttons is not part of the FfRF’s mission, we would respectfully suggest that the members of that group seek out new leadership.


I am an atheist and I am as moral as you are.  Probably more so!

          IGWT:  If you believe all “morals” are relative, how exactly can one person be more moral than another?


I have very few words to express how downright saddening and frustrating it is that your billboard asking "Why do atheists Hate America?" exists.  Your organization seems to be incredibly offended by the leadership of the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  And yet your billboard isn't content to attack them, or the ~12,000 members of FFRF, but instead all atheists.

             IGWT:  No, we have made ourselves very clear that are our advertising campaign is directed at the organization that claims to represent atheists in America.  We don’t believe that the FfRF and its leaders’ extremist rhetoric is endorsed by every single atheist in America.  However, it is incumbent upon people, be they people of faith or atheists, who don’t support these radical and their hate-filled views to take a proud and determined stand against them.


Hi there!      How are you fine folks today? I was reading some of my favorite atheist blog sites tonight and I came across an article on your "Dueling Billboards" in Pennsylvania. I think you missed the point of the FFRF's ad. The ad did not read "Imagine No Religious People," it read "Imagine No Religion." We, as atheists, can respect the humanity of people of faith without necessarily LIKING their beliefs. There is nobody, I assure you, in the atheist community arguing for the outlawing of religion, the extermination of believers, or anything like that.

             IGWT:  We are doing well, thank you for asking.  Unfortunately your belief that all atheists “respect humanity and people of faith” is not supported by the facts.  As you can see from some of the comments on this page and the comments from the leadership of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, there are non-believers who do wish us ill.   Their signs urging Americans to imagine a world without Catholics, Jews, Protestants and every other person who believes in God are scary.


Atheists have something in common, which distinguishes them from religious people. They actually think.

             IGWT:  If a vast majority of Americans believe in God, then according to your logic a majority of your fellow countrymen are ignoramuses.  What a terrible, dangerous and evil place you must think America is!


So how does your sign differ from "Why do Jews Hate America?"

             IGWT:  First, the sign to which you are referring was developed with the help of one of our board members who is Jewish.  Second, we are not aware of any Jewish organization that claims to represent a majority of Jewish people and that has attacked America as viciously as the leaders of the Freedom from Religion Foundation have.


I'm an atheist.  I'm also a retired United States Marine.  What makes you think that I hate America?

             IGWT:  Our criticism is directed at the leadership of the Freedom from Religion Foundation which claims to be the largest atheist organization in America and claims to represent you.  If their hate-filled statements about patriotism, your fellow countrymen and your national heritage are not representative of your beliefs, them please stand up and be counted.  And just to be clear, people who don’t believe in God can and have exhibited great bravery and sacrificed for our freedom and we salute them. 


The message on the billboard is accusing a group of people of hateing (sic) America-a nation that was founded on freedom of religion, and that also means a person's right to not practice religion. I don't have a problem with religious billboards that are non accusatory (sic), nor do I want the word God removed from America, nor do I want to infringe on your beliefs, nor do I have a problem with prayer in school. I practice tolerance for all people and I would expect the same courtesy from others.

             IGWT:  We appreciate your sentiments.  However, our advertising campaign is aimed a publicizing the radical anti-American views of the leaders of the nation’s largest atheist organization.  We agree that everyone in our nation is free to practice or not practice religion as they so choose.  We would also like to know why the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s leadership dislikes our country so much.


Why don’t you have public comments on your website?  Many atheist sites allow and encourage public comment, and it would benefit the cause if you showed some courage and allowed many voices to be heard (read) on your site.

             IGWT:  We would like to be able to allow comments on our website.  However, based on the fact that many of the responses from our critics contain threats, scatological comments, racial epithets and curses, we felt that such a forum would not advance anyone’s interests and would violate community standards. 

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Bishop Nedd