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Congressman Walter Jones Reintroduces Pray In Jesus’ Name Act into 114th Congress

Congressman Walter Jones, representing North Carolina’s Third Congressional District, has reintroduced his “Pray In Jesus’ Name Act” into the 114th Congress, and called on In God We Trust and our supporters to help him gain cosponsors for this critical piece of legislation.

           “In God We Trust has had a great working relationship with Congressman Jones for years,” explains Bishop Nedd.  “I am thrilled that he has once again asked In God We Trust and our loyal supporters to help him in his mission to give military chaplains the power to use God’s grace to comfort our soldiers as they head into harm’s way abroad,” continued Nedd.

           In God We Trust currently has more than 175,000 signed petitions from our loyal members and supporters calling for an immediate hearing, and ultimate vote for final passage, on Congressman Walter Jones’ legislation, H.R. 148, the “Pray in Jesus’ Name” Act.  “We put together a letter of support for H.R. 148, ‘The Pray In Jesus’ Name Act,’ and have sent it to every member of the House of Representatives urging them to lend their support to our military chaplains,” continued Nedd.  “However we still need our loyal supporters to contact their Congressmen and demand that they cosponsor H.R. 148.”

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