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Archbishop Nedd Delivers Invocation at Chaplain Alliance Award Ceremony

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty recently held its first annual Torchbearer Awards Ceremony honoring the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Buck McKeon, and Congressman John Fleming for their continued support of religious liberty in America.

Archbishop Council Nedd was invited by Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews to deliver the invocation at this historic event. “Ron asked me if I would deliver the invocation and I jumped at the opportunity,” states Nedd. “The Chaplain Alliance has been working in the trenches to fight against the atheists

and humanists who are continually attacking the rights of our military chaplains, and that is exactly what the members of In God We Trust have entrusted me to do,” adds Nedd.

“The first annual Torchbearer Ceremony was truly moving, an event all In God We Trust’s members would have been honored to attend,” says Nedd. “I look forward to working closely with Ron Crews and the Chaplain Alliance during the upcoming 114th Congress to ensure that our military’s chaplains have the freedom to close a prayer according to the dictates of their own consciences,” concluded Nedd.



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