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In God We Trust - In God We Trust Visits Memorial for Fallen WWI Heroes Targeted by Atheists

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In God We Trust Visits Memorial for Fallen WWI Heroes Targeted by Atheists

The Freedom Cross in Bladensburg, Maryland, was erected in 1925 to honor local heroes that died in the “war to end all wars,” World War I. Although this cross bears no written religious overtones whatsoever, atheist and humanist groups have filed a lawsuit to have the monument removed from its current location.

Archbishop Council Nedd II recently visited the Peace Cross in Bladensburg to pray for the hearts and souls of the confused and delusional Humanist organization members. “This monument has been standing for almost 90 years and was originally erected by the American Legion and put on property they owned,” states Archbishop Council Nedd II. “And now some 90 years later it’s a problem? It’s just another attention grab by the atheist community,” continued Nedd. “It’s getting pretty pathetic if you ask me.”

Atheist groups continue to push their anti-God agenda in America, and that’s why In God We Trust and our loyal members and supporters remain so diligent in this fight. “The United States was founded by Christians and based on Christian standards,” say Nedd, “And that drives atheists crazy.” If you would like more information on this case that has garnered national attention, please contact In God We Trust directly at (571)-425-4165.

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Bishop Nedd