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In God We Trust Keeps Fighting for H.R. 343

In God We Trust’s Program Director Sean Ferritor is still lobbying hard for Congress to pass the Military Freedom Bill, H.R. 343.

This month he composed a letter to U.S. Representa­tive Joe Wilson (R-SC), the Chairman of the House Sub­committee on Military Personnel, urging him to schedule hearings on the measure.

“The America people truly support our heroes in uni­form,” Ferritor says. “It’s awful that their chaplains are being censored and prevented from praying in the name of Jesus. We must get this bill passed.”

When Ferritor recently delivered a wave of grassroots petitions in favor of the bill to its Congressman Walter Jones, the bill’s sponsor, the Congressman was overjoyed. “However, we are still a very long way from being able to pass this measure through the House,” Ferritor explains. “We have a great deal of momentum on our side, and a lot of passion from our supporters, but the politicians in Washington have not yet gotten the message. Military chaplains must not be prevented from doing their jobs and practicing their faith as they see fit.”

In a recent letter to Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trust’s National Chairman, Congressman Jones wrote, “The petitions that you are gathering from concerned citizens across the nation are a vital part of the effort to encourage Con­gress to pass legislation to return religious freedom to the military and allow chaplains to pray accord­ing to the dictates of their faith.

To sign In God We Trust’s na­tional petition in support of H.R. 343, please visit our online action center.

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