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In God We Trust Continues National Survey Campaign

While the Obama Administration continues its quest to drive anything even remotely reli­gious out of American public life, In God We Trust is continuing its national survey campaign designed both collect information and educate huge numbers of Americans on the danger Barack Obama poses to the First Amendment.

We reported the results of this campaign so far in last month’s edition of Push Back, America. But National Director Bishop Council Nedd ordered the program to be extended to include even more Americans as long as In God We Trust has the funds.

The Saving Religion in America survey is regularly mailed to targeted households across America. It is designed to gauge just how scared ordinary religious Americans are of the federal government as well as point out some of the most egregious examples of anti-religious bigotry exhibited by the Obama Administra­tion.

“It’s clear that a great deal of Americans don’t real­ize that President Obama cancelled the observance of the National Day of Prayer,” explains Bishop Council Nedd, In God We Trusts’ National Chairman. “They don’t realize exactly how anti-faith he is.”

This survey is a tool we use to warn them and then measure how concerned people are about what is happening to our country. It’s been very successful so far so we are continuing it.”

In God We Trust plans to keep collecting these surveys as long as it has the funds to pay for them. Then, Bishop Nedd says he will again release the results to the na­tional media and In God We Trust supporters.

“President Obama claims to be a man of faith,” Nedd says. “But he only attended Church services three times during his first year in office. People need to understand that. Americans need to know that the President of the United States has actually ordered his staff to meet with lobbyists from the nation’s largest Atheist group. This survey program does that.”

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