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Rep. Jones Thanks In God We Trust for Petition Delivery

In God We Trust's National Chairman Bishop Council Nedd and Program Director Sean Ferri¬tor continue to fine-tune legislative strategy for the Military Freedom Bill, H.R. 343. Our nationwide grassroots petition to gather public support for the legislation, better known as the "Pray in Jesus' Name" bill, continues to resonate with the American public.
"Hard-working Americans across the entire nation are appalled that hands tied when it comes to matters of faith and service to our nation," said Ferritor.
In God We Trusts continues to work closely with Representative Walter Jones, the bill's sponsor, to earn public support and to gain co-sponsors in Congress.
In God We Trust received this personal note of appreciation from Rep. Jones, for the last round of petitions which the staff personally delivered to his office on Capitol Hill.
The petition drive is still under¬way in another nationwide mailing to supporters and online through our website.

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Bishop Nedd