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From Our Supporters

“I’m a Christian.  My prayers are for you.  Why can’t atheists just leave us alone.  Our President needs to be held accountable for lying.”

“I’m a Christian. My prayers are for you. Why can’t atheists just leave us alone. Our President needs to be held accountable for lying.”

B.V. Cairo, Georgia

“They have the freedom to believe or not to believe in God. Our Forefathers knew what they were doing. These atheists can believe or not believe in God. If they don’t like it here, they are free to leave.”

A.B. Amsterdam, NY


“I admire you and applaud you for your ambition. Thank you for your efforts and I am sure God will bless you and so will I.”

L.H. Blaine MN


“God bless you, and your work in His name.”

B.G. Richmond, MO

“In God We Trust is a great organization, and I approve of your desire, and fight to keep God in America. It is disgusting as you say to see such God hate activities going on, by the atheists, backed by the ACLU. I will pray for In God We Trust.”


“I agree with you whole heartedly and I too am sick and tired of government letting non-religious people and atheists run all over us. Everyone should have the right to their beliefs! And not be bullied by the atheists!”

C.G. Fair Oaks, CA


“I feel very strongly about this [H.R.268]. Good luck and God bless your efforts.”

D.R. Cedar Rapids, IA


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