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Bishop Nedd Joins Fox News for Panel Discussion on Republican Presidential Debate


In God We Trust National Chairman Bishop Council Nedd II (seated front row, right side) was invited to join a panel discussion on the initial Republican Presidential Debate.


     In God We Trust National Chairman Bishop Council Nedd II joined Fox News and the nationally broadcast “Kelly Files” in New York City recently to participate in a panel discussion to discuss the first Republican Presidential Debate.

     “I thought the candidates did as well as they could, considering the blistering questions posed by the moderators,” states Nedd.  “What concerns me more though was a genuine lack of attention to people of faith, and religion in general,” continued Nedd.  “Evangelicals and people of faith make up an incredible block of the Republican Party, and I thought it was important to reach out to them specifically in the first debate.  Unfortunately, it became apparent as the debate rolled on that this was more of a ratings grab then a true debate on the issues that are facing this great country.”

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Bishop Nedd