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Bishop Council Nedd Poses the Question to CPAC: Does America Hate God?

In God We Trust National Chairman Bishop Council Nedd II (left) interviews Colonel Allen West (right) and Presidential candidate Donald Trump (center), posing the question: Does America Hate God?


     In God We Trust National Chairman Bishop Council Nedd II attended the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC) held at the National Harbor, Maryland, interviewing both politicians and attendees on the current state of religious tolerance in America.  From politicians like Colonel Allen West and Donald Trump, to every day citizens that are concerned with the direction America is heading, Nedd addressed the issues of American culture, clashes of values, and the actions of government and radical anti-religious activists.

     “There is a consensus among conservative Americans that the traditional role of religion is disappearing in American culture,” states Nedd.   “People of faith are ostracized in our popular culture.  Religious characters in movies and television shows are regularly portrayed as gullible oafs, judgmental bigots or outright hypocrites.  The cultural elite seem to want people to look to them for guidance, rather than to God.  Americans of faith need to push back against the radical secular minority imposing itself on the rest of America,” continued Nedd.

     Bishop Nedd spent three days at this year’s conference interviewing person after person on the current state of religion in America by asking one simple question: Does America Hate God?  “The response from nearly every person I spoke with at the convention is that there is a big problem in America today, and the only solution is to push back against the anti-religion movement and remind America that this country was founded on the principal of One Nation Under God,” Nedd concluded.

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